Story behind Coulomb Cloud

Where this all began

Near the end of 2016, a group of us all became involved in a group messaging chat, with the common factor being that we were all studying Electrical Engineering. We all started to become closer friends throughout 2017 and began regularly studying together in the FEIT Learning Precinct (FLP). Whenever one of us had problems with understanding course content someone else within the group would always try to point them in the right direction. We learned to become more independent through one another, tuning the way we learnt along the way.

After some reflection in Spring 2017, a subset of the group realised that we would likely not be enjoying our degree as much if we didn’t have this support network of other students. We sat there discussing how we’d helped each other with the same phrases coming up “If I only we knew this, that course wouldn’t have been so stressful” or “If only someone had told me from the beginning how to study for this subject, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time”.

We finally reached the tipping point and decided that we should extend this beyond our inner circle. In doing so, we also have the opportunity to add support to other students, boost morale and foster community at UTS.