What is Parallel Studying

It’s not running all semester:

Running from Week 2 (18th of March):

Monday 2pm-4pm: Alex H, Mahasavin & Rachel

Tuesday 12pm-2pm: Alex Y & Jack

Wednesday 2pm-4pm: Paige & Monica

Friday 12pm-2pm: Aaron & Rohan

Where is it happening?

FEIT Learning Precinct, CB11.05.300 – look out for our banner!

Yeah, but what is ‘Parallel Studying’?

There will be at least two undergraduate Engineering students who are in second year or above in the FLP during the Parallel Studying sessions. They’ll be there to steer you in the right direction with a problem or provide resources to address any conceptual misunderstandings.

These students will be in the FLP studying their own stuff or working on projects until you ask them questions (hence ‘Parallel Studying’). You can identify them by their shirt with the Coulomb Cloud symbol on it.

They’re not promising to solve your tutorial questions step-by-step or provide you with answers to exams (past or current), but instead we want to catalyse your learning and help you figure out the best way you can learn (though we’re not strictly opposed to tutoring you a bit).

Come down and study! Even if it’s just to be around other people whilst you do so.

We’re just trying to make studying Electrical subjects at UTS a bit more fun.